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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Year Supply Collecting Does Not Equal Preparedness

I have a theory. I hate to cook and I am not very good at it. If the need ever arises and necessities are hard to come by and I have things others want, I mean really want, then maybe I could have some bartering power for a loaf of bread or a good meal. I have taken pride in the fact that I have an overly ample supply of sugar, cocoa, tampons and toilet paper. But then the dreaded day came.

Nine people go through a lot of toilet paper and then to have two house guests for the weekend really increases the quantity used. I store my TP in the attic - out of the way - but very inaccessible, especially in the cold of night. So we resorted to other means. Unfortunately we were short these items as well and some tend to result in the need of a plunger or a good plumber. Thank goodness I have both. You would think that with all the drivers in my house that someone would have had the time to run to the nearest Walgreens or even climb up an retrieve the "I am prepared" attic TP. Not the case. Eventually the following day, late afternoon, we headed to Costco to purchase our modern day convenience.

I must say that I was shocked to see that the price of this luxury has risen over the year from $11.99 to a whopping $17.99. Perhaps with the economy the way that it is I should plant my own garden of lambs ear.

Moral of the story: Being prepared is not always enough.


  1. OOOOOOHHHH crap.... hahah literally. Glad you got it all wiped up and flushed away.

  2. I am dense. Truly dense.
    With all the comments that you've made on my blog, not until today did I realize that you had one of your own. Maybe it's because your picture didn't come up until today, I don't know. Idiot!
    But glad, because now I have a lot of backreading to catch up on!

  3. Now that I go to backread, I realize that there's only the entry about Hunter. Maybe I'm not as dense as I thought. (No. "Probly" am. That's the way I pronounce it! :)