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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Real Desert Dwellers Don't Need Umbrellas

Last night Spencer went to Walmart to buy an umbrella. Why, I'm not really sure since we typically get so little rain. But, it has been raining for a day and there is more in the forecast. This is a rare treat for us in the desert. We usually have a 5 minute fly by. A downpour for several minutes and then it's gone; blown away, not to be seen again for several months. I am sure that if a survey was taken of most desert dwellers, the only ones owning umbrellas would be snowbirds and Utah travelers.

Spencer parted with his $2.00 and placed the umbrella in the shopping bag. He then set out through the pounding rain, head ducked, dodging puddles, hurrying to the car. It was then he realized that only minutes ago he had purchased an umbrella that was securely in the dry protection of the shopping bag. Oh well. Maybe it will get used in the next storm.


  1. That's pretty funny. I keep one in my car and forget about it.

  2. Hey just found your blog! That is funny about the umbrella! I have lived in rainy places most of my life and still have yet to purchase one!