My exciting life with a house full of boys

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A simple pet peeve

I have a pet peeve. I blame my mother for it. It has to do with the pronunciation of certain words. For instance when you say the word leg it should be pronounced with a short e not a long a sound. Egg - short e as well. Then there is the word sale. This is different from the word sell and therefor should not be pronounced as such. Example: I am going to a yard sale. NOT I am going to a yard sell. I am on a sail boat. NOT I am on a sell boat. There is a beautiful song that we sing in church "We'll sing all hail to Jesus' name..." But too often it sound like, "We'll sing all hell to Jesus' name...". When the rain turns to ice balls we say it is "hailing outside" NOT "helling outside". I bring this up for one simple reason. Several weeks ago I attended my twins parent teacher conferences. Both tested very well. However on one particular test Hunter had missed only one spelling word. The word was yellow. He spelled it "lellow". Just the way he says it. This Christmas the boys went on a trip around the world, so to speak, at school. They filled out a passport and went to different classrooms to learn about the way different cultures celebrate Christmas. I laughed out loud when I saw Hunter's passport. Apparently I haven't pounded into him the importance of proper pronunciation. Look closely. The school he attends is Nathan Hale elementary. Hale for short.