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Monday, January 11, 2010

I'll Smile 'Till Wednesday

I need to give some background. Several months ago I received a call from Elder Branch that his wallet had possibly been stolen and he needed me to cancel his bank card and reorder his AZ driver's license. I cancelled the card immediately but put off the driver's license reorder. Okay - so I forgot. A week later I received and e-mail from him telling me that he found the wallet. It had been somewhere in his apartment. I didn't need to reorder the driver's license after all however, I wasn't able to reorder his bank card. He would have to do that himself. He never did. This left him without access to his account unless he went into a bank branch, which he never thought to do.

Fast forward to today. I sent him an e-mail to let him know how much money was in his account. Today is his last P day (preparation day), and I thought that he might want to get a few things before he heads home on Wednesday. I told him that he would need to walk into a Bank of America and show them his ID. About 8:00 I receive a phone call. The conversation went like this:

"Mom, hey I got your e-mail. I'm at the bank. What do I do?"

"Tell them you would like to make a withdrawal but you don't know your account
number and you had previously cancelled your card. You'll need to show them your driver's license."

"Okay. Thanks. Bye. Oh Yeah. See you Wednesday!"

Even though I know I'll see him in a little more than 48 hours (I'm not counting), it made me smile ear to ear and get a tear in my eye just to hear his voice.

The phone rang again. It was Elder Branch. The conversation went like this:

"Mom, what's my social? I know it starts with a X but I don't remember the rest of it."

"It's XXX-XX-XXXX. Who is that giggling so hard in the background?"

"The bank lady. I guess she thinks it's funny that I'm almost 22 and I have to call my mom for my number. (giggles himself) Thanks Mom. See you in a couple days. I love you"

"Call me if you need something else. Love ya, Bye"

I haven't heard back so I am assuming he got what he needed. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has more than 13 million members. Many have been taught by boys/men just like this. It's not the boy that converts. It's the simplicity of the spirit that they have and the power of the Holy Ghost that they share. He may not know his social but he knows his Savior. And he knows the fullness and truthfulness of what he has taught. He has a strong testimony and believes it with all he's got. what more could a mother ask for. I'll be smiling 'till Wednesday.


  1. Brad and I were talking about him last night, wondering what he'll sound like on Sunday. I love to compare before and after.
    Day after tomorrow!

  2. Tomorrow!! What an amazing difference a mission makes, I look forward to hearing how life goes as you adjust...again.The story was a classic, and isn't it crazy how missions have changed over the years, emails and cell phones and ATMs, and yet at the core of it all they are the same. Teaching about the Savior, serving with all your heart, and loving it. Have a fabulous reunion.