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Thursday, January 7, 2010

He's Almost Home!

I can't believe that our missionary is almost home. Elder Timothy Jackson Branch returns from the Michigan, Detroit Mission next Wednesday at 10:15am. I remember the day he left. I thought my heart would break. I figured it wouldn't be as hard as it was when our first son left but it was. For the first year I would find myself tearing up as I saw something that reminded me of him. Holidays and trips left us feeling the hole that was there. The first year seemed like it would never pass.
But then Danny became sick and we were able to focus our time and energy on him. It was a blessing really, knowing that TJ was where he was supposed to be, doing the things he was supposed to do, and being carefully watched over by a parent greater than ourselves. I didn't need to worry about him. The second year flew by. Now I find myself with mixed emotions. I am asked quite often, "Aren't your getting excited?" My answer is of course, "Yes!" But the honest answer is, "I don't know". Yes, I've missed him. A ton. I miss his giggle, his help, his absent minded "blond" moments, his adventures, his very presence.

BUT. I will miss having a missionary. I will miss the spirit that it brings to our family. I will miss the blessings that it has brought. I don't want that to end.
AND. I know TJ. I know that he has grown and that he has matured. But I also know that he is still the sometimes absent minded adventurer who will indeed bring more "excitement" into our life. I know that he is now an adult. Not my teen aged boy. I don't know that I am excited for the adjustment that is coming. But it is coming. He is coming. Hopefully he has grown out of his messes and learned to fold his own laundry.

I do know that he has been a great missionary. He has stayed focused on his purpose and his call. He has loved the people that he has met. He has been obedient and has been blessed because of that obedience. He has taught many. He has baptised some. He has learned to lead others in a positive way. He has learned to read fluently. He has learned to really love his family. But most importantly, his testimony of the savior has grown. And that is what I am most excited to see.


  1. I can relate to all your emotions. I remember all those same feelings and there is nothing better than having them choose the right. Home is where he needs to be to prepare him for his next mission in life..... GETTING A WIFE. Michael is still looking after being home over 2 years.

  2. And getting buff--dang!
    That will help in the "getting a wife" department!

  3. Those pictures are awesome! It's going to be great having him home!