My exciting life with a house full of boys

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Clean Socks - PLEASE!

I hadn't done a load of whites since Saturday. It was now Wednesday and in this house that's a long time to go without. As I sorted and gathered the dirty laundry from each room, I began to notice something peculiar.

The twins rarely have much in the way of white clothes. This is mainly because they are 9 year old boys who run around in jeans and t-shirts and light colors would certainly show all of their activities for the day. But something was missing. I looked around on their floor, behind the door and in the closets but could only find one dirty, inside-out, holey sock.

That night after showers I asked them about the missing socks. "I don't know, Mom" was the answer I received and expected. But with further interrogation I was able to solve the mystery.

You see, it's getting cold here in sunny AZ and these boys like to snuggle. I had noticed that they were sleeping with socks on but didn't think much about it. They've done this in the past. But to my somewhat horror I found out that they were not only using the same socks they had worn that day, but the same socks they had worn since Monday.

"That's gross! Why didn't you put clean socks on? Your drawer is full"

"I wear them for at least 3 days. That's my record".

"Why?" I asked giggling under my breath

"Because I don't want to get up early to grab a pair since they are already on."

Can you believe I let my kids wear them with such big holes that their toes poke through. Apparently it doesn't bother them anymore than the smell or filth that is already on their feet.

I think my goal is to find some Male inspired fuzzy sleeper socks. A million dollars to the first person that can tell me where to find them with out the ridiculous faux leather brown sole.

Jenny Matlock