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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Keep the Refrigerator Klosed!

Today there was black smoke in the sky.

The lights dimmed and then later went out.

Sister called, her husband was okay. Transformer blew.

Kids thought the end had come.

No air conditioning (Remember it's like 182 degrees outside in the shade)


No lunch (their excuse was that mom kept calling out, "Keep the refrigerator closed!")

No toilet

Wait - what do you mean no toilet?

Lesson about energy, water and the function of the toilet was quickly taught.

Brother in law and crew got the power back up and running in 2 hours! way to go guys and so glad none of you were hurt!

Jenny Matlock


  1. And my daughter makes fun of me because I have a porta pottie for emergencies. This was a lesson learned. So glad brother-in-law and crew were ok.~Ames

  2. That must have been scary! I'm glad no one was hurt or more than inconvenienced.......although, in that heat I'd be pretty unhappy.

  3. Wow, exciting stuff...and scary (especially the no toilet part :)

  4. oooo....That must have been a very long 2 hours!

  5. I'm afraid our air conditioner will die, it's running so much lately. Glad everyone is ok. {:-Deb

  6. That was so scary! We saw all the smoke in the sky. Our house is really well built and in the five hours we were out of power the temps only went up by about five degrees inside!