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Thursday, June 23, 2011

June @ 107

My indoor personal weather station read 107 degrees outside. Thats with the gauge meassuring from the shade. You'll notice it's 8% humidity and I am keeping the indoors a nice cool 72 degrees. Yes, I like it cold and Yes, it costs me a bundle.

So what do you do when it's this hot?

The kids do nothing. They don't want to and frankly neither do I

We swim

We keep Sonic Ice in the freezer for instant ice cold water

We try to remember to water the plants because when you don't, they look like this - oops I forgot.

We remember that it's easier to stay cool than to warm up. June, July, August and September and then the best winters ever.

Jenny Matlock


  1. Hmmmm... I think you must live somewhere near me. We've been hiding indoors too. I wish I could keep my house at 72, but I'm cheap and I will only spring for 78! (It used to be 80!) Thanks for sharing so that I feel like I'm not the only one!

  2. Ha! I live in Tucson! We keep our thermostat at 78, but at night, after Rod goes to sleep, I lower it to 74 so I can be cool in bed!

    The dogs don't even want to go out. And so far, no monsoon in sight!!

  3. That is why I love living in the San Francisco area. Right now, it's 65 outside! We do occasionally ( not often ) get higher temperatures - like across the bridges but, right here in Daly City, Pacifica or San Francisco, it is about 20 cooler in the summer and 20 degrees warmer in the winter.

    Stay cool!

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  4. Ewwwww, no winter talk! I don't like it to be too hot but if it's not humid then I rather have it be hot than cold:-)

  5. 72? Seriously? Are you sure Brett's not an HVAC guy?
    And it felt humid this morning.

  6. Yikes, brings back memories of my HOT life when I lived in AZ. Stay cool:)

  7. The picture of your boys made me laugh. After we go out at all, our Grands kind of melt into the couch like that. We do stuff until about 9 am and then head inside to hibernate!

    I really enjoyed this cute post.

    It almost, but not quite, made me chuckle at the upcoming 113 temps predicted for today.


    Thanks for linking up.


  8. So glad we don't get that kind of heat here. I was withering the other day at 101. Our sad little AC will only keep the house at whatever temp you turn it on at, and I usually don't notice I'm too hot until it's at 80. We use natural AC by opening the house at night. Love the nighttime noises. So far our Summer is cool - we even had rain yesterday. Thanks for the perspective.