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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Favorite Granite Cleaner

Granite counters. So pretty and shiny and durable and I love them but I hate to clean them. They always end up dull and streaked unless you spend extra time and effort wiping them down. Wiping off your counters should not be a project.

I think I have tried every product out there that guarantees a clean streak free shine - Not - as well as a few home made concoctions - Fail.

But I have finally found one I love. LOVE!

In a spray bottle add:

1/4 C. Vodka or Alcohol (I used Vodka because that's what I had on hand and for those of you that know me it wasn't to drink but for a pizza sauce recipe that Bret makes and is to DIE for.)

3 drops/squirts Dawn dish washing soap (This is also essential if you may be tempted to drink your cleaning solution)

1 C. water

I use a regular dish cloth nothing special and have no, I mean NO streaking, my counters shine and the alcohol disinfects.

Try it. You will LOVE it.


  1. What do I do if I don't have a husband who uses vodka to make BBQ sauce? Reading this I could just hear your voice, I miss having lunch with you!

  2. We installed granite earlier this year and were told to make up a spray bottle of dishwashing liquid like Dawn and water. Adding alcohol is a twist. I can see that perhaps that also cut some grease and probably makes the counters dry faster.