My exciting life with a house full of boys

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Don't Believe In Coincidences

Each morning and night when I say my personal prayers, I ask the Lord that I might be able to be of service for him that day. Some may see events as simply circumstances. I see them as answers, tender mercies if you will.
I decided to take my twins and their cousins to play in the snow. My teenagers and their friends were going as well but they left 2 hours before I was ready. Those that know me know that I never meet my time goal. We figured we would try to meet up but there was no planned destination, just looking for a good hill and a safe place to pull over. As I was driving the mountain road, I noticed my suburban parked tight against the side of the road. Go figure, I found my boys. There was also a car parked on the opposite side. Hmm. Must be a good spot. I found a place where I could U-turn and drove back. This is when I noticed the driver of the parked car. He had been tucked behind it digging but as he stood I saw that it was my neighbor from 5 houses down. I pulled over and got out. With a big smile, he said, "Hi Cindy". He was dreadfully stuck in the snow bank and digging out with his bare hands as his kids were patiently waiting to play. He too had been looking for a fun place to play with his kids and recognized my parked car and pulled over. He was unaware that my 3 big boys were off over the hill playing. I offered him a shovel and yelled for my boys. They came and with lots of umph and help from another group, we were able to dig, push, pull and lift him out. Had I arrived earlier on time with my big boys, my neighbor wouldn't have know that we were right there over the hill in easy yelling distance. Strong bodies able to help. He wouldn't have known that I had shovels in the back of my truck.

It ended up being a fun afternoon and I was grateful that I was able to help someone who, I wouldn't be surprised, was throwing out a few prayers as well.


  1. Where do you get the energy to head to the snow? Love the pics.

  2. Well that trip ended better than the one I took with you......